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Hello people here I provide you information about holiday 2019 calendar which helps you to know more about Holiday 2019 calendar UAE and the best part about this calendar is here I also provide you with some images which help to solves your complete problem

UAE Holiday Calendar 2019

Holiday is that phase of any country’s economy when the overall working system of the country takes a break from the routine work. Holidays are the part of every country’s economy, which come in the form of the festivals and the other federal holidays as per the culture of the concerned country.

If you are living in the United Arab Emirates then there also you are going to encounter the several kinds of holidays in a year, which affect the overall working system of the UAE. For example, all the public institutions and the other educational institutions from the government remain off throughout the holidays. 

UAE Holiday Calendar 2019

UAE Federal Calendar 2019

This is why being a resident or the citizen of UAE you must be making yourself aware with all the approaching holidays. The holiday schedule will enable you to make proper planning for all the holiday so that you can utilize your holiday timing in the best possible manner. 

Here in this article, you can get the complete holidays schedule of the UAE for the year 2019. You can keep this schedule with you and then plan your 2019 accordingly.

  • New Year’s Day- 1 January 
  • Papal Visit Day- 5 February 
  • March Equinox- 21 March 
  • Leilat al Miraj- 3 April
  • Start of Ramadan- 6 May
  • Eid al- Fitr First Holiday- 3 June
  • Eid al- Fitr Second Holiday- 4 June
  • Eid al Fitr- 5 June
  • June Solstice- 21 June
  • The beginning of the Hajj- 3 August
  • Arafat Day-  11 August
  • Eid al Adha- 12 August 
  • Eid Al Adha first Holiday- 13 August 
  • Eid al Adha Second Holiday- 14 August 
  • Islamic New Year- 1 September 
  • September Equinox- 23 September 
  • Mulund- 10 November 
  • Commemoration Day- 30 November
  • National Day- 2 December
  • National Day Holiday- 3 December 
  • December Solstice- 22 December
  • New Year’s Eve- 31 December

UAE Federal calendar 2019

We have covered above all the major public holiday as are celebrated in the United Arab Emirates in the form of federal holidays and the national festivals.

You are advised to keep this list in your consideration and then accordingly plan your working routine living in this country.

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