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Here you easily know about 2019 Malaysia Public Holidays Calendar, which helps you to know about all possible information related to Malaysia public holidays calendar.

2019 Malaysia Public Holidays Calendar

Public holiday is the integral and the significant part of any country as almost every other country has the plethora of public holidays in a particular calendar year. Public holidays can be easily known by referring to the public holiday calendar of any country. 

In other simple words, public holiday are the holidays when the government bodies, which offer the various kinds of services remain shut. This is why public holidays are very crucial for the citizens of any country.

Well, if you are living in Malaysia and are looking forward to have the schedule of the public holidays, then you are reading the correct article. Here below we are listing down all the Malaysian public holidays, which are relevant for all the citizens and the resident of the country. 

Malaysia public Holidays 2019 Calendar

Malaysia Public Holidays 2019 Calendar

  • New Year’s Day- 1st January 
  • Negeri Sembilan’s Birthday- 14 January 
  • Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday-20 January 
  • Thaipusam- 21st January 
  • Federal Territory Day-1st February 
  • Chinese New Year- 5 February 
  • Installation of Sultan’s Terengganu- 4th March
  • Sultan of Johor’s Birthday- 23 March
  • Israk and Mikraj- 3 April
  • Melaka Historical Day- 15 April
  • Labour Day- 1st May
  • Awal Ramadan- 6 May
  • Hari Hol Pahang- 7 May
  • Wesak Day Holiday- 20 May
  • Nuzual Al Quran- 22 May
  • Harvest Festival- 30 May
  • Hari Gwal Holiday- 3 June
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri- 6 June
  • Georgetown World Heritage City Holiday-  8 July
  • Penang Governor’s Birthday- 13 July
  • Raja Peril’s Birthday- 17 July
  • Sarawak Day- 22 July
  • Hari Raya Haji- 11 August
  • Merdeka Day- 31 August
  • Awal Muharram-1st September 
  • Agong’s Birthday-9 September 
  • Malaysia Day-16 September 
  • Sabah Governor’s Birthday-5 October 
  • Hari Hol Sultan Iskander-  5 October
  • Melaka’s Governor Birthday-11 October 
  • Sarawak’s Governor Birthday- 12 October
  • Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday- 24 October
  • Deepawali Holiday- 28 October 
  • Sultan of Perka’s Birthday- 1 November 
  • Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday- 9 November 
  • Sultan of Kelantan’s Birthday Holiday- 12 November 
  • Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday- 11 December 
  • Christmas Day- 25 December 

Malaysia holidays calendar

So, these are the public holidays of Malaysia for the year ending 2019, and you are informed further that the date of public holidays or the festivals may vary from one year to the other. You are advised to make yourself updated with the dates of public holidays every year.

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